Creative Debuts was founded in 2014 as an answer to the problems facing talented, undiscovered artists.

The founders, Calum Hall and Alex Rollings, were debating the trials and tribulations faced by emerging artists over a game of table tennis. Suddenly, a light bulb appeared and Creative Debuts was born. Both founders have worked within art communities throughout their lives and the issues of exposure, gallery fees, storage space, exhibition experience and the lack of opportunity to sell work, have been constant hurdles faced by even the most talented artists and designers. In an answer to this, we give to you, Creative Debuts.

So, if you’re an artist, let us help you. Becoming involved with Creative Debuts allows you to have your own personal online platform, this enables you to showcase and sell your work. There is also the option to use our innovative rotational rental program. This has been popular with our artists with limited storage space at their home or studio and increases the likelihood of finding a potential buyer as you will have the opportunity to display your work in a huge range of venues and locations, providing maximum exposure. We also have a range of print services available if you need anything for your practice, degree shows or portfolios. It is our mission to promote you.

However, if you’re here looking for that masterpiece for your home, or unearthing the next Turner Prize winner to be displayed in your office space, what makes Creative Debuts the company for you? We could discuss the moral fibre of the company, how with every purchase and rental you make you are putting paint in the palettes and sketchbooks in the hands of the brightest art talents around. We could also highlight the unique opportunity for you to get ahead of the rest and find incredible pieces that will make you the envy of all your friends, family and colleagues. But let’s be honest, what you really want to hear is that you can pick up these works of art at affordable prices. We also offer bespoke projects where you can commission any of our artists to provide you a one of piece of work with a brief created by yourself.

So whether you’re looking to get your hands on a genuine work of art, or you want help showcasing your creative talent, Creative Debuts is the place for you. Explore the relevant pages to find something that suits your needs and feel free to contact us at info@creativedebuts.co.uk with any questions that you have.

Look out for our new website launching very soon in 2017 as we continue our quest for artists…

We have also rebranded, please excuse our current site for having the old logo. Our new brand identity will be rolled out on the new website.